For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2002

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001

Shasta Marie came into our life in December of 1993. She was a chubby puppy and always a good girl. She mothered 2 litters of puppies that I hope are as wonderful as she was. She endured new pets that entered our lives and was always the mom and protector. Sadly, she developed a breast tumor in early 2006. It was removed, however it had already spread and by October it was in her lungs. A trooper until the end, she was always happy. We feared she would not last until Christmas....and true to the end, the died the day after in her sleep. She was 14 years old. We will never forget you, Shasta Marie.
Lynne and Jim Lennington

In Loving Memory
1989 - 2000
Sasha wasn't just your typical loving dog, she was my Guardian Angel. She watched out for me growing up and I think even in Heaven she watches over me still. We got her after my grandma died when I was 9 and she instantly attached herself to me. Being the baby of the pack she took it on as her responsibility to protect me. And she did, even when I didn't need it! She chased after a car, barking, that I gotten in once because she never trusted the man that was driving. Once a friend of mine, when we were kids, punched my shoulder and she didn't like that at all, she started barking at him and bearing her teeth to show him she meant business! Don't touch her kid! She did her job well. She was shared between 4 of us; my aunt, mom, my older sister and me. Living in the small village, she followed me everywhere I went. She didn't like being chained up, she broke the chain more than once so we didn't chain her up as much. Not before long, everyone knew her in our town and she ended up in the dog pound a lot, and on one occasion I ended up in there with her! I went to visit her, it was my 10th birthday and she wasn't there for it. The guy forgot I was in there and locked me in with her, it took 2 hours for people next door to find the guy and get me out! That is something we all still laugh about today though I can assure you, it wasn't funny at the time! But like all Elkhounds, Sasha loved to go hunt for mice in the fields and was prone to wandering but she would always come home. Sasha left us on the day of our great aunts funeral, April 9 2000, my great aunt was from Norway so I guess it was fitting. Sasha had someone to show her the way home. It's been 6 years and I still miss her greatly, she was my best friend and was there through all my ups and downs. If there was one person who I could have with me through my life time it would be her, my guardian angel.


B. 9-6-1991 D. 8-25-06

Kara Jean left us to join her pack, crossing the rainbow bridge over the fjords and to the homeland of her elegant and mighty breed. She leaves behind brother Oslo and her adopted family whom she allowed to share her life. She started life in the show ring and in short time brought home two first prize, one best of winners, one second place, two reserve winner and one winners purple ribbon. She did not have the heart of a competitor and quickly retired that career to help raise two boys and keep brother Oslo in line. Kara assumed the Alpha female role in my absences, watching over the house and inhabitants and upon my return resumed the Omega position. We had a relationship of complete respect as we attended our position of duties within the bonded pack. She tolerated interruptions to the family; visiting dogs, guinea pigs, cats and even pet mice. Once she brought a baby bunny home to us gently holding it in her mouth and releasing it unharmed. Kara had heart; more love and devotion than we could ever expect. Kara’s life was a series of transitions, from daughter to sister and finally the matriarch of this pack. Her last gift was teaching us how to let go and let her slip away to follow her noble Elkhound family across rainbow bridge. Kara will be in our hearts forever.
The Sorensons


February 22, 1998-August 2, 2006 This is my baby boy Razza. He was my faithful friend. He loved everybody, and everybody loved him. He had a medical condition that the vets and I were trying to find. He weighed 130 lbs. when he died. We tried everything to help him lose weight, but it was some kind of medical condition. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew Razza.
Judy - Razzadancer@aol.com


She is the daughter of Elka that I lost in November.
Barbelka Amorek was my first homebred bitch, born 18th Jan 1995, died 12th Jan 2006. Sire: Ch Anton Av Eskamere, Dam: Eskamere Yarla at Barbelka.
Tula died as she lived with no fuss or bother. She was simply found lying dead on the kitchen floor where she had decided to have a snooze. It was a big shock as she was fit and healthy and full of beans and enjoyed a good Romp on her walk that day with the others. She was 6 days short of her 11th Birthday. She lives on as does her mother in her descendants.
Barbara Barganska, Barbelka Norwegian Elkhounds


Nicky was the most celebrated dog in the North East Kingdom in Vermont. In a typical Norwegian Elkhound fashion he was fiercely independent but loved attention and would yield to commands from the master! His loyalty to me was unwavering and he would NEVER let me out of his sight. He loved me and I loved him.
Nicky is laid to rest at my 70 acre camp in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
Kevin McGrath
Lowell, Vermont

In Loving Memory
Sept 8,1993 – March 17, 2005
“Butchie Baker” was an Elkhound who did it “his way” all through his life. He was everything we enjoy in an Elkhound and more…. Independent, strong, affectionate, a squirrel hunter, loyal and charming with a Big Bark.
He introduced us to the world of conformation dog shows. He finished his Championship at the 1996 PSNEA Specialty winning His third Major. He gladly retired to warm our bed and guard our hearts and household. He is very much missed.
Howard and Cia Schlehlein

My friend and loved companion for 16 yrs. Retired to the Rainbow Bridge on July 29, 2003, to romp and play with his sister (Byrd) and brother (Dudley).
Sandra Burwell

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