For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2002

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001

9-8-1993 - 10-24-2004

"A Once In A Lifetime Dog"

We had to let KC go today. He has refused to eat for past few days and was getting very weak, unable to stand without help. Karen and I both felt it was time so took him to the Vet this morning and then brought him back home and buried him beneath a large pecan tree out back. Home again for the last time. It was raining while we buried him and Karen commented that the Angels were grieving with us. KC was 12 yrs 4 mos and 11 days old.
Dot Wallace
KC was the most self confident dog I ever handled. when he stepped in that ring it was "showtime" nothing distracted him from his work. His attention was on the handler and he baited constantly. It was so good to see him in the ring again in Kansas, he still had that showdog sparkle. What a moving dog he was too...everything worked like it should as he flew around the ring. He will be remembered in many of our pedigrees for years to come to the new exhibitors. to us old breeders we will remember KC and smile, as we close our eyes and see him flying around that ring with Dottie runing as fast as she possible can to keep up. Rest in peace old dog...the thunder will never bother you again.
Virginia Sawyer

October 26, 1991-October 1, 2004
Mac-Man, Leroy, Furry Little Weirdo,Mr Crankypants, Mr Fuggles, Fugs... and a few names that can't be repeated here. He was truly one of a kind. If Thoreau urged us to march to the beat of a different drummer, Mac was the drum major
Backyard bred, he was no stellar example of the breed physically, but his headstrong independent nature was pure elkhound. He was, as Patty calls them, a "lunkhead" through and through, but the sweetest boy, and good at doggie kisses. He was our buddy, and Kate's heartdog. Her first elkhound, he helped her make the transition to a new home and school, and saw her through adolescence. Whenever she returned from college to visit, he made sure to spend as much time with her as possible, and at times truly wished that her fiance Rob would just go away.
Over the years, Mac supervised several fosters who passed through, and Puff, Kiena, Sirus, Molly, Sami, BuddyLove are better dogs for having known him.
Quite the conversationalist, Mac and I had many "discussions" through the years, leading Kate to explain to her friends, "don't mind my Mom, she talks to dogs". His passing marks the end of an era for us, the last remnants of our life in Colwyn. When we lived with my folks between homes, he became Pop's boy. When Dad fell and broke his hip, no emergency personnel could get to him until it was okay with Mac. He survived a break-in, and a beating at the hands of those who chose to steal from us, but remained a sweet loveable, furry little guy, weird as all get out, but dear to us all. His needs were simple, food, a booda bone and all the love you could give him. The pack will go on, but it will never be the same.
He's on his way to the Bridge, where Brandy, Norjin,Chelsea and westie cousins Kookie and Gus are waiting to play.
Godspeed Mac, we love you,
John, Sally, Kate, Rob, Rowdy and Daisy

January 21, 1996 - September 15, 2004
Beloved moosedog friend and soulmate to Cynthia Rabbitt and family
Cynthia wrote her tribute:
Fancy"Fancy was the sweetest elkhound I have every seen. Her disposition was such that everyone that came to the home was drawn towards Fancy. Actually, Fancy thought that all visitors came to see her and she loved the attention. Everyone always asked about Fancy. Life was a struggle for Fancy, with a hip replacement before the age of two, and every year there were medical problems. She had a very strong will which pulled her through so many times. She was diagnosed with cancer in February and until she passed on, had undergone 5 surgeries for her cancer plus treatments. She bounced back so well, but this time there was no surgery that could fix the tumours as new ones kept popping up every third or fourth day and of course, we knew she had one on the heart. Things were out of control and out of our hands. She knew the end was coming and we could see it in her eyes. The night before she went to the Bridge her lungs had started gurgling and she was choking alot. Her dad slept with her which gave Fancy so much comfort. Damn, she still enjoyed life up until the end. Even in her weakened state she enjoyed her ride to the vet, and was curious at her surroundings. She took placidly the ending, for our sake I'm sure, as she always always thought of us. She rests in peace in her favorite spot in our front yard. A family decision was made on September 15th, 2004, that we will remain in this home until it is our time to meet Fancy at the Bridge and we absorb peace from that decision . We could never leave the memories. Fancy leaves behind to mourn: her mom, Cynthia Rabbitt; her dad (Len Dubois), sister (Reba Rabbitt)and niece (Zoya Rabbitt), along with piles of good moosedog friends who have been so very very kind to her and her family throughout her life and we thank you all.
We think of you every day and will always love and miss you Fance. You left with a piece of our hearts. Sleep peacefully our precious one."

Sept. 4, 1999 and he left our earth on May 17, 2009.
To Our “Little” Petie"
You were almost five years old when you came into our lives and our family, and though you were with us for only another five years, the lives of everyone in your new family became a lot brighter when you arrived. We wish you could be with us a lot longer, but through your bright influence and soul and the fact that you were so unconditionally devoted to us, you will be with us forever, and us with you.
I can’t think of a time when I wouldn’t smile just looking at you. Your broad face with your wide "grin" and those little ears that pointed straight up sometimes made you look like a mischievous little gremlin. But your stocky legs and short tail and your "watermelon stripes" that we could actually feel in your fur and the way you were always ready to have fun and cheer everyone up, night or day, defined everything wonderfully good about you. All you ever wanted to do was to be around your people, enjoy each other’s company and to chum around with me and Loki, who is still here and who was with you as your time passed. We all miss you so much!
I know you are with other good souls who will look after you and someday, Loki and me, Wikkit and “You Too, PetieQ” will all meet up again forever with all the others, too. Until that day comes, Petie, we will cherish everything you brought into our lives.
Dave & Loki


October 28 1997 to June 9 2004
To Wikkit, My Wonderful Friend and Very Loyal Companion:
Wikkit, even though the years we had together were cut way too short, I will always remember you as one of the best freinds I have ever had. Loki and I feel very lost and empty without you being close at hand. I look at Loki and he looks at me and I have no answers for him. He doesn’t understand where you have gone, though he may know better than me.
I want you to know, Wikkit, that your influence, your presence and your very soul will be a part of us forever and no matter what, you are still with me and Loki, and will be forever. Someday, Buddy Boy, we will all meet up again. Until then, I know you are with others who will remember you and look after you.
We miss you so much, Wikkit
Dave Eid, Loki & and now Petie


Moosedog's Own DANNY
U-CD. CH. Alpha's Decorum CDX.TD. CGC O-VCCX TDL HS T.T. SAR
Commissioned Service Dog, Ohio Hall of Fame
May 21,1990 ---July 16, 2004
Belonging to Karyl Parks.
Memorial to Danny


BRUNO the Wonder Dog
Feb 22,1990 - July 13, 2004)
Paul and Sheila Maguire
To read Bruno's story, click on "Bruno"

10-27-89 ---- 4-22-04
Owned by Ann Price
"JUBIE" was always my favorite bitch. She was soooooo pretty, smart and more than ready to settle any issue another dog wanted to bring up with her. She always looked like a beautiful lady in the show ring, but she was the mother bear at home and at Norgren Kennel. I am from the old breeders and I like a dog with spark.
We leased Jubie back for two litters. The first only produced one pup, our Ch. Norgren's Tie One On, known as Brat....who is behind the dogs we show today, and is stil a loved companion in our house at the age of 11. Her second litter of 5 pups produced Cruise and his sister Lily, both both champions. I can look at Cruise everyday and see Jubie...He is his mother's son.
Jubie's main job in life was a family companion to the Price family. She slept by Ann or the boy's bed every night. She jogged with Ann or ran along side by the bike nearly every day of her life, and until a month ago still walked two miles with her owner in the mornings. Jubie was what we at Norgren strive to breed...a show dog, a family companion and a house dog ( couldn't count the baseball and soccer games she attended), a super brood bitch, and a very athletic dog. There's no doubt in my mind she would have stood up to any moose if she had the opportunity.
Our hearts are heavy with the loss of this old girl, she lived a great life and left her mark our breed.
Virginia Sawyer.

Crossed over the Rainbow bridge on March 1st 2004. He was 14 1/2 yrs old. He was everybody's friend. He was loved and admired by all who knew him. He never met a person or dog he didn't like. He was a clown and taught us the meaning of the word humility.
Show Though his kidneys were failing and his body was shutting down, he still was wagging his tail and giving doggy kisses to those around him only seconds before crossing over the Rainbow bridge.

Dick & Bobbie Oxley

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