For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2002

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001

Born-November 28, 1990 - Died - November 6, 2001.
Our proudest times showing Tank were:
1. His first U. S. major at 6 months
2. His Canadian Championship at 7 months
3. Winning the Junior Puppy Class at the P.S.N.E.A. Specialty
4. His American Championship at 18 months
5. Winning Best of Breed at a P.S.N.E.A. Specialty
6. Watching Virginia S. show him!
He loved us all, and we loved him, so this has been very difficult for our family. However, we were very lucky to have had such a great dog for so many years. He greatly enriched our lives.
Sheila & Dave Renwick & family of Vancouver B.C. Canada.
(Mikey on this page is his sire, and Storm is a brother.)

Leif Erickson Thor -- "Thor"
Born - Nov. 29, 1984............Died - Aug. 10, 1999
It's been two years since I had to help my Baby to the bridge. He was dying with kidney failure. We had done all we could to help him. It was no longer working.
He is still in my thoughts everyday. I feel as if he is still with me, in a way. It's a comforting thought.
I purchased Thor at nine weeks of age. What a bundle of energy he was. I picked him for his personality. After getting him home, with all his energy and demanding constant attention, I thought, "What have I done." What a handful he was. Boy, did he chew. I would think, I don't have to live this way. Then I would think, "I will train this dog." I had to redirect his chewing. So, he had a couple baskets of chew toys. He never tore up a toy. He used a soft bite to make them squeek. It was so cute to see this big dog gently playing with his toys. However he did play rough with his blankets. He would play tug of war with my sons. Thor would pull as hard as he could when playing with my sons, wanting to win. With me he would pull a little then let the blanket relax between us, so I could pull. My sons were grown, and Thor pulled to win.
He was very dominant dog. He wanted to be Alpha dog. I think I was able to trained Thor because I was more stubborn he was. He was worth all the hard work. He was a very loving, intelligent, protective, and beautiful. He thought he was the greatest dog that ever lived and I always treated him as if he was.
Thor enjoyed Christmas more than any dog I have ever seen. As I started getting the decorations out, he had his nose in every box. He was so excited as the tree went up, prancing around checking everything out. When the presents went under the tree, he knew which were his. He went to the tree everyday to see if his things were still there. He did not touch a thing till it was given to him. Christmas, he could hardly contain himself. When the presents were passed out, he came forward to receive the gift. When told "No, it's not yours" the light went out of his eyes and the head and tail went down. If it was for him, he opened it. He didn't want any help, it belonged to him. How he enjoyed his life.Thor was right in the middle of everything. He went trick- n- treating, in costume, with the neighborhood children. He swam with me. He loved to travel. He loved attention and bloomed with it. He was a fun companion.
Thor, I will always love and miss you......Lois O'Neill....LoisONeill@aol.com

2/23/87 - 5/23/01
Dearly loved by Karen & Tom Nichols
How a dog forged a friendship!
"I got an e-mail from my friend last night. Four days had passed since she had to put a dog to sleep, but she just couldn't bring herself to talk about it. Lena was 14 years old . . . a nice long life for an Elkhound, but still that does not make it any easier to make that final decision.
Lena was a little over two years old when I first saw her. We had purchased our first show dog, and were attending a dog show. I looked at the catalog and noticed that Lena's owners lived very close to my husband and me in St. Paul. Because the breeder we bought Sonja from was from out of town, I thought it would be nice to have someone in town that could help me find classes to go to for obedience and conformation, so I called Karen and introduced myself. She invited us over and asked us to bring Sonja to meet her dogs, Lena and Norsky. Norsky immediately fell in love with Sonja, but it was Sonja and Lena who formed an instant bond...rare for two Elkhound bitches, especially when both were somewhat dominant.
We visited often and slowly a friendship formed between Karen and me . . . a friendship that grew out of the friendship of two dogs, Lena and Sonja. We will all miss Lena terribly, but Sonja will miss her the most. Someday they will be together again, romping through the clouds... Sonja straining at her lead trying to see her friend again.
Thank you Lena for giving me such a wonderful friend....(submitted by Carol Slattery)

November 28, 1990 - September 30, 2000

I am attaching a really nice picture of Storm, taken when he was about 4, which would be about 6 years ago. Ruby Torvinen took this picture herself near her home and had her business cards made up using this picture. It's a classic elkie pose, and a good one of Storm. Storm made his home with Karen after Ruby became too sick to care for him.
Karen Carnathan --- johncart@pacifier.com

My parents were incredibly proud of Hattie or "Heidi" as they called her. Hattie is still the UK record holder with 44 ccs, but despite all her wins, she was first and foremost a wonderful family member, adored by her owner Fred Pickup who himself died shortly after her. CCs are what you have to win in England to make up a Champion. It stands for Challenge Certificate. They are won for Best Dog and Best Bitch at Championship show only . To make up a champion you need three CCs from different judges; ie Best Bitch three times. The top winners, if campaigned regularly might win 15 or so CCs in a lifetime . Most folks over here only keep a couple of dogs as pets so do not stop showing once the dogs are champions. We don't have a Champions class, so every time a dog is shown, it has to take it's chance in the Open class with all the others. Best of Breed is chosen from the Dog CC winner and the Bitch CC winner. Hattie beat all records and her record has never been beaten since she was shown in the 80s. She only bred one litter(of 8) which produced 2 champion bitches and several CC winners but she was a superb companion of the most wonderful temperament. She appeared on TV with my father, won several groups and a Best in Show all breeds.My son was premature, weighing only 2 pounds. We brought him home at only 4 lbs and Heidi treated him just like one of her own. After she died, my dad seemed to give up on life.She was, after my mothers death, his raison d'etre. He judged Elkhounds for years but his favourite place was in the ring showing Hattie.
Diana Hudson.......Norderhove Elkhounds.........(Norderhove@AOL.com)


My Dixie, who passed away on August 22, 1996 - 4 years ago at the age of 17. I lifted her up for her remaining year and just couldn't justify putting her down as she had minimal pain and such a joy for living and she was interested in everything (a familiar trait I'm sure).

Cynthia, Len, Fancy, Reba and little Zoya

SUKI (May 13th 1988-May 29th 2000)
My beloved Suki. Suki was my first Elkie. She was eight weeks old when she came home to us. I was twelve years old back then. Me and Suki grew up together and had such a special bond all through the years. No matter where I moved, after my parents divorce and the many subsequent moves after that she was always with me. When I moved away from home in 1995 along she came. I wasn't giving up my best friend!!! Suki was such a blessing and had such a wonderful happy life.She was dignified all the way to the end as she licked my hands and told me goodbye and fell asleep forever. She is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and I quiver with the expectation of seeing her again one day as I look up at the sky every day and blow her kisses, and smile knowing that she is in a wonderful happy place. I will miss you my sweet Suki, I love you and cherish all the special times we shared. You will always hold a special place in my heart.............. Love forever...Jason

CH JU-GO-BE Carnegie K Hall, CDX
1/9/89 - March 27,2000

Karnye always enjoyed playing to "her" audience, in the ring or out. She was retired from competition but still "taught" obedience classes, visited nursing homes and kept the Glacier Valley household in order. I believe her legacy to us is to keep training fun. Karnye loved to be teased and if you could tease her into making a mistake once, she made sure you could not trick her again.
Milt & Rita Munson


Shady was a love, from the first day she came home in 1985. She was slow to learn what we wanted, but that was her choice. She had to learn that she really would have to do it, and then she would do it. She was a mess sometimes, but she was the sweetest mess I ever had. And because of her, we've gotten four more elkhounds... Quite the memorial, don't you think? I loved her then, I love her now, I'll love her forever. Goodbye, Shady! I hope to see you if I make it to the rainbow bridge!     Donna J.

Shady's Picture & Page


My wife Laura and I were stationed in Dallas, TX in 1987. Shortly after we were married, we were driving around and Laura asked if we could stop by the local animal shelter. We did and that is where we found Max. I had never heard of a Norwegian Elkhound until that day. At first, we passed by his kennel as a card on his cage said "whipworms". One of the kennel attendants said that card meant he had been tested for whipworm and found to be free of them. She kept pushing us back to him over and over again as his time was limited. She finally wore our resistance down (thank you!) and we took him home. As we all got used to each other, the bond grew stronger. He was a well traveled pup, moving from Dallas to Rantoul, IL to Adak, AK, to Bremerton, WA, to San Diego, CA, to Whidbey Island, WA, to finally, Nashville, TN. Shortly after we moved to Nashville, Max passed away suddenly on Valentines Day, 1996. In our grief, we turned to the internet looking for anything on elkhounds. That led us to the old elkhound.com website, which in turn led us to the original Moosedog listserv. After meeting people from all over the world via this list, I decided to see what I could do to help in the placement of elkhounds. It was then that I found that there was no central website dedicated to elkhound rescue. I finally got it off the ground in August of 1996 (It took me awhile to learn HTML). Through this site and the help of elkhound lovers around the world, we have placed over 300 dogs in a little over 3 1/2 years. So thank you Max for all the love and joy you brought us and being the inspiration for the success of the rescuepage.
Ron & Laura Chambliss


November 21st 1995 - January 28th 2000

   Bear, will be missed by our family so much, he was a special part of our family, always the first to the front door to greet someone, he had such a sweet and gentle nature, and so proud. When our new grandson was born, he took over as guardian, always watching him, he would lay beside his cot/pusher when ever he came to visit, if Dylan made a sound, Bear was always there first to make sure he was Ok.
   In the show ring Bear excelled, gaining his title at 12 months of age, winning BOB at Adelaide Royal at 9 months, and taking runner up to beat Exhibit in show at the Hound Club at 16 months. In 1997, Bear also won the title of Best Spitz of the Year in South Australia (SBCOSA). Top point scoring Norwegian Elkhound in Australia (NECA) and in South Australia (NECSA) ...... In 1998 Bear was 2nd Top point scoring Elkhound in Australia (NECA) to a half brother Nankuri Whispering Jack, being beaten by 6 points, a big achievement, as Bear was only shown for the first 3 months of the year before retiring from the ring.
   At 22 months of age his show career dramatically came to an end, at this time he had earned 303 championship points, quite an achievement for such a young dog. Bear will always hold a very special place in the hearts of everyone here.
Maria & Jim Stewart



8/6/87 to 11/27/99

   Mikey was a dear and Special dog at Norgren. He was not just another dog; but a member of the family. He was always in a show pose waiting for some bait...he was a natural in the ring. And a munch-mouth. Many people felt he must have been born in a stacked position. Mike never started a fight with another dog in his life; so easy going and gentle. But if there was a girl in heat; she was his! He did love to fence fight; but it was always just a game. He had some very nice wins himself in the ring and has produced sons and daughters that have made him very Proud. Mike is a Top Producer for our breed, and has two sons and one daughter who are also. Mike will live on in pedigrees for years and always in our hearts.
Buzz and Virginia Sawyer

(Photograph by 'Impact Photography' by Amanda
Specializing in conformation photography.)

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