For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2002

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001

Born sometime in 1995, died Nov. 10 2003
She is my heart. I miss her so much it hurts. She belonged to some friends of mine in college. They had a baby and a profession transfer and could no longer keep her. They were going to give her up to rescue. I took her without question. It was the best decision on an animal adoption I have ever made. My mom, who didn't want a dog, made her a bed inside a week of her living with us. Loki was my best friend, my protector, my worrier.

Before my dad passed away she would get up on his bed and lift his hand up with her muzzle. He always knew it was her even if he didn't know who else was in the room. She got sick and died over a weekend. I never had a chance to take her to the vet. She would have hated to go anyway. She got to die peacefully at home with her best friend Oscar, the cat, watching over her and making sure she had company. I hate not knowing why she had to leave me. I guess my daddy needed her more.

February 5, 2004
Mason was released from discomfort and pain because of a dislocated hip joint, from a very poor hip structure. The Vet felt even if it could be repaired with surgery, he would still have pain and his quality of life would never be near the same.
Mason came with us after living with college students in Boulder CO. for a year and a half. They had purchased him at a pet shop. He joined us June 1999. Mason loved people to visit, but a person would not think so with his first reaction, with all the barking, at the same time his tightly curled tail would be just wigging away. He loved our Daughter in-law and Son. If they would allow it, He would lick them to death.
Mason was not overly thrilled with our twin grand daughters, unless they would throw his ball and chase him around the house. He would growl and show his teeth, but he would still tease them to chase him by slowing down so they could get near and then he would run away. We dare not let him loose outside of the house, he was a runner.
Even with his touchy GI Track, he has been and is strongly loved and missed by us all. You are healed now and enjoy the Bridge with Brodie and our other friends.
Fran & Dutch Muetz
Bailey CO.



Born January 12, 1992 - Died January 2, 2004
Loki came to us almost 12 years ago as a small ball of gray fur. Being his parents as he grew up, then grew old was an adventure and a pleasure we shall never forget. Sadly, we learned that Loki had cancer. He did not last long and was suffering. This we could not bear. Last Friday, January 2, 10 days shy of his 12th birthday, we took him back to our wonderful vet. With her, we helped our loveable and loving Loki to the Rainbow Bridge and he crossed over. Now he can roam at his will and play with his brother Zac and sister Gretchen who crossed before him. Farewell my friend. We love you and will never forget you.
Elmon and Debra Randolph
New Orleans, LA

December 18, 2003
She was about 3 months shy of being 15, but since we didn't adopt her until she was 9 I guess I still feel like I got cheated too soon. But we've lost 4 dogs now in the last 3 years and I guess I've felt cheated every time, so maybe age has nothing to do with it. Rya was our alpha dog from the moment she entered our home.. she stole everyone's toys, foods, and sleeping spots whenever she wanted and also stole all of our hearts. One of our fondest memories of Rya is from our wedding, which Rya and our first greyhound Spiros attended. It was outdoors at a beautiful park in Oregon and the dogs spent the afternoon wandering around entertaining the guests. During the ceremony, we had asked a couple of our friends to watch the dogs. However, about half way through, here comes Rya, trotting up the aisle toward me. It was precious. I was worried she was going to put her paws up on me, which she did occasionally if she felt ignored. But instead, she just sat down next to me and looked up at me, as if to say, "do you really want to do this?". She sat there for the remainder of the ceremony and then trotted back down the aisle with us. I miss her so much already, but I'm sure she's busy terrorizing her three brothers, Spiros, Hunter and Galgo, at the bridge.
Lisa Belden and family

December 19, 2003
We have been the proud owners of a Norwegian Elkhound for 12 years. Today is a very sad day as we found out of beloved Maggie Mae is very sick. She will not be with us come Saturday the 20th of December. She has severe kidney disease and went into kidney failure. She is no longer able to eat and is very weak. We were able to bring her home for one last night with her. We will help her tomorrow cross over to Rainbow Bridge where she can romp and play and be healthy.
She is a Christmas dog and loves the snow. She came to us at Christmas time and now she leaves us at that same time. She is very stubborn and does things her way. One very unique trait of our Maggie is that she does not bark, she lays her ears back and points her nose in the air and moo's. Just like the wolves who howl at the moon. She is going to be deeply missed. We have spoiled her rotten and she loved every minute of it, as she most definitely knew she had her owners wrapped around her paws. She even had her own air conditioned garage with her own private entrance.
We just wanted to share our experience of joy that our Maggie has brought us and if at all possible have her added to your book of those who are remembered. Maybe that will take away some of the pain and sorrow that we are so deeply feeling. We have sent a picture of her on her last night at home.
We Love You Maggie and you will always be with us in our hearts.
Thank you
Michael and Pamela Hollenbeck
1707 Freeman Drive
Bellevue, NE 68005
rockyandbullwinkle@cox.net AKA squirrel-moose

Born: Dec 11, 1993 (approximate; adopted from SPCA - no info. available)
Died: Nov. 25, 2003
Keesha Velvet Chapman, beloved Elkhound, owned by Rick & Carolyn Chapman, sister to Bailey Baker Chapman (Main Coon Cat). Keesha was not only beautiful on the outside, she was truly beautiful on the inside. Her demeanour was loving, friendly, and happy. (Our Vet. told us Keesha was the happiest dog he saw in his practice!).
Keesha most loved to be with her family and spend lots of time in her big back yard where she could chase squirrels, scratch her back on the lowest tree branches and, in the hot summer months, stretch out in a big hole she had cleverly dug under the deck so she could keep cool while wearing her 'fur coat'.
She never failed to rush to the door when her owners asked her if she wanted to go for "chippies" - a special treat for a wonderful dog!
Keesha was the most loving and lovable dog we have ever had the privilege of sharing our lives with and we will miss her forever. We know she is now at peace after having succumbed to cancer of the lymph nodes which was diagnosed just over 5 weeks ago.
God Bless our Beautiful Princess.
With All Our Love ~~ Rick, Carolyn and Bailey

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