For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2002

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001

UACHX, UUD, CAN OTCH, Ch Vikiro's Bright Flame AKC UDT, SKC UD, AX, AXJ, VCD2
March 13 1991 - March 29 2003
The glow of a *bright flame*
Warms you when you're cold
And lights the way when days are dark
.....From Marlene Oliver

Few dogs have represented the altheticism, trainability and personality of our breed's great grey dogs better than Brenne . She has been the dog that we could proudly point to as an example of what our breed CAN-DO. Whether it was herding, carting, tracking, flyball, obedience, therapy, agility, obedience or conformation, Brenne could be found doing what she did best, inspiring, soothing, thrilling and awing those who recognized just how exceptional she was.
Kari Olson was given guardianship of this special friend and guided her as she set ever higher bars of excellence. Kari shared her with us all and allowed us to feel like she was our own.
For years, Brenne had been the most titled dog in the history of our breed until she passed the honors to her sons.
Brenne gave so much to our breed and will be sorely missed
ui me amat, amet et canem meum." ("Love me, love my dog.") -- St. Bernard, A.D. 1150, "Sermo Primus" ,
Written by Karyl Parks

Birthday unknown - 3/22/03

Zeuss entered our lives as our third foster dog on December 21, 2002. After three short months he lost his battle with cancer. He came to us as a foster dog and left as part of the family. During what was supposed to be a fairly routine dental cleaning the vet discovered a large gash on the back of his tongue, which turned out to be adenoidal cancer. It was a fast-growing, aggressive cancer and we made the decision to bring him home and give him the best life possible until it was time for him to move on. We put him on medication and for about two months he was full of joy and energy. Zeuss loved people; loved to have his throat, chest, and stomach scratched; ended up having a voracious appetite (his favorite treat being ketchup); loved to "shake" to get his treats; and loved lying outside observing the world. He was a protector, a watchdog and quickly made our home his as well. In fact, the first time I took him to the vet he tried to protect me from her by putting his body between us. Zeuss, you were and are and always will be loved. You were with us for such a short time here on earth, but you will be with us for eternity in our memories and hearts. Thank you for all the gifts you gave us - the joy, the love, the laughs, the memories, the tears. Thank you for giving us the chance to be your family. Missing you now and always.
-Missy, Katie, Topher, & Bella

"Dee, as we knew her, adored her family, her dogs, and flowers, and had insatiable curiosity of everything. She wore her smile as the flower petals wears sunshine. To know her was to love her. Tonight on moosechat, we toasted her. Goodbye Dee, you will be sorely missed by all of us who knew you".
"She has surely been welcomed by a host of loving admirers - 2 and 4-legged - when she stepped upon the rainbow bridge".
"She was always so forward looking and despite her setbacks this last year was always cheerful and never downhearted, and never knowing her have a bad word to say about anyone".

12/7/89 - 2/17/03
My sweet Kjell was one of my rescued Elkhounds. Many people won't take in older rescues because they don't want to have to "lose them". I never even think about how long or short a time I will get to spend with my rescue dogs. Each day I get to spend with them is a gift to me. He came to me the summer of 2000 in pretty bad shape. His fur was yellow he was so dirty - and all the hair of his rough had been rubbed off from being tied to a tree. His digestive system was spastic from being fed I don't know what - and he required several small bland meals each day just to keep his weight up. His breathing was always labored - but, until recently, had not been life threatening. He was a happy boy living here and wanted for nothing. After a series of different prescription drugs trying to alleviate his difficulty breathing, it was time to let him go. He went to the bridge lying in my arms and hearing me tell him how much he was loved. As difficult as it is to put a beloved family member down - it must be about the quality of life. He is healthy, whole and happy now. I will see him again. Please consider rescuing an older Elkhound - they have alot to teach us.
Lora J. Hughes

McGee passed away last summer. He was a good boy, he really was. He was our first boy. He was more like an elkie in a golden retriever coat than he was an elkie. He did everything we asked him, as soon as he figured out how to do it. He was a little slow, but he always did what we wanted! He was so easy to teach. He started losing his rear end at about age 13, but we got him a wheelchair and he was good for another 2.5 years! But when he started falling over even when he had his wheelchair, we decided that was too much and we had him put down. But he was sooooo good. Goodbye, McGee. Save me a place!
McGee's page
donna jagodzinski----

Dear sweet Dimples, at the far too young age of 5 years, went over the Rainbow Bridge through no fault of her own.
I never had the opportunity to meet her, but she broke my heart.
She was a "gift" to her owners as a cute little puppy. She was destined to live her life outdoors, annoying her owners with barking and digging.
She was overfed until she was grossly overweight and certainly not cute anymore. She was "Too nervous" to be vaccinated.
So on February 8, 2003 her owners had tired of her and turned her into the Seattle Animal Control Shelter. The Shelter determined that she was unadoptable because she may be a fear biter. So before Dimples could be considered for rescue she was sent over the Bridge at the hands of strangers.
I Pray that she will find the love at the Bridge that she deserved here on earth and eventually she will be united with that soul mate she should have been with in the first place.
Kenna Hoyser
Norwegian Elkhound Representative
Seattle Purebred Animal Rescue
and Rescue, Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association

Norwegian Elkhound
Jake's date of birth is unknown; he was 2.5yrs old in Feb. 1989. He died August 29, 2002.
Jake appeared at my front door in 1989. He was frightened and confused as to why his owners would toss him out. He hesitantly came in from the cold and accepted a bowl of water. A trip to the vet confirmed he had a broken right foot and a damaged spirit. It wasn't long before I was owned by this dog. He became my constant companion. Jake trusted me and I him. It was difficult after the surgery to alleviate the pain from hip dysphasia but he understood that we were trying to help. Jake would tell us how many times the phone rang when we returned home and was always there just when you needed a friend. Jake allowed me to love him, and for this I will always be grateful. I was with Jake holding him as he took his last breath, I swear he said thank you. Perhaps the song should now say "if I die before I wake feed mom".
He had a good life and made my life a whole lot brighter. C.G.Lillie

2/21/92 TO 11/04/02
Much loved and missed by Cia & Howard Schlehlein
"Our beloved Misti was never in the show ring but was a real CHAMPION to us. She will never be forgotten and there will never be another one like her. She loved us back just as much as we loved her. She was a true Norwegian who ran our household and did things just the way she wanted. We love and miss her very much."

4/20/88 - 11/2/02----Adopted on 2/11/89

"She was a very loving, fun and playful girl. She was very social, but had definite likes and dislikes of people! She leaves her brother, Rambo, and Kvass and PJ, and her family, who are going to miss her very very much. She was helped to the Bridge today as she was suffering from kidney failure. They just don't stay with us long enough......
Jo Bell and family"

She was born approximately September of 1991. We adopted her in April of 2001. August 8th is when she passed on.
Elkie Lu Lu came into our lives in April of 2001. Although she was only with us for a short time, she was very loved. We will miss her waddle. I'm glad we were able to make the end of her life happy as most of it was not. You will be missed greatly little Elkie Lu Lu.
Lisa Pogatshnik and family
[Elkie was a rescue placed by Vicki Katuin. She passed away sooner than expected due to bladder cancer. Her last 16 months were filled with love.]

November 16, 1993 - March 5, 2002
My brave little soldier lost his 7 and 1/2 month battle with lymphoma. He was my cherished friend, and his loss has broken my heart.
Loved and missed by Judy Silker.

Born-AUGUST 12, 1988---MAY 4, 2002.
Bob and Donna Dyrdahl got Loki as a puppy of 9 weeks. Loki lived a wonderful life with his family. Loki was the first NEAA Futurity winner in 1990. He went for his walk today with Bob; but by afternoon they knew it was time to say goodbye. From Virginia Sawyer: "He was a super dog to show and we had a lot of fun in the ring together". The Dyrdahls were so proud of him. They have lost a good friend and companion. He is shown in this picture winning four out of four shows to finish his championship. Bob and Donna are residing in Arizona.

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