For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2002

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001


1/1997 - 9/16/10
crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon (9-16-10). He has been ill for the last week or so and the results of the testing came back today as being an aggressive form of liver cancer. We have been having trouble finding anything that he would eat all week and, of course, it was very hard to feel like we were not getting him enough nutrition. He has been drinking, going out and going potty and putsing around both inside and outside with his tail up some. However, once we got the diagnosis we knew that he needed to go out with Pride and not suffer. He went out with dignity, walked into the Vets office with tail up and a wag for those that greeted him. He is now at peace and out of any pain.
As you can imagine we are missing him greatly already. He taught me so much about training and patience and he was such a help around the house because he could go and get alot of items that he had learned. Even this morning I asked him to get me the TV flicker and he got right up and brought it to me and would take a small biscuit for his work. Everyone that met him instantly liked him and enjoyed his fun personality. This summer he made many friends with the camping group that we started camping with. He was not a bother but enjoyed an invitation to meet someone new. As with all of our dogs, he had a very special place in out hearts and always will. He was an easy keeper, never a fighter but always a presence.
We thank Virginia and GJ Sawyer for letting us have this very special boy.
Milt and Rita Munson


He finally lost his battle against epilepsy after him not fully coming out of another epileptic fit.
All of his previous fits he’d fallen to the right because of the epilepsy being on his left side according to the neurologist we had seen (she said his brain was thinner on the left side after her studying the MRI he’d had on his head) and he fell to the left and didn’t respond to the sedation to bring him out of the fit fully. He just kept ‘petit mal’ fitting then paddling then petit mal fitting again everytime they brought him round again. We all went in to see him, Tracy, myself and all our kids Zak, Jo (he’s a boy, so you can add the ‘e’ if you wanted) , Lucy and Dino our 7 year old Elkie).
The room wasn’t big enough for us all to be there at the last, so it was only me and Tracy, holding his paw and cuddling him as he passed.
His date of birth was 26th February 2004 and he was our little Irish Import.
We’re missing him more than we can hope to describe, but I’m sure he knows he was loved by us all and he always will be.
We’re just glad he had a chance for the medication to work, which unfortunately it didn’t and now he’s not in pain anymore and he’s free of his fits.


We were so lucky to be allowed to adopt Goosie and Tipper Tude, two magnificent Norwegian Elkhounds from Lora Hughes of Mountain View Kennels, Missoula, Montana, in December of 2003.
We became their forever "parents."
Tipper, after jilting another Elkhound, had chosen Goosie to be her forever boyfriend and so they became couple! When we walked our beloved doggies in our small village, they literally stopped traffic. Everyone had questions: what breed were they, where did we acquire them, and were they going to have puppies! They were mini-celebrities and took it all in stride, with great patience. We will carry our dearest Goosie and Tipper Tude in our hearts forever. What a double joy it was to have them in our lives for several years.
Sweet Tipper Tude crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 25, 2007 and now her loving boyfriend, Goosie, joined her on March 10, 2010. They are together forever - pain-free and happy in each other's company once again.
Love and Hugs - Rick and Carolyn Chapman

Timber was a little rough around the edges when she first came to me…My husband picked her up at a pet shop in March because she looked like his first dog, Bonzo, who was a wolf, keeshound mix who we loved until he was sixteen… When Timber was a year old, I found her to be so alpha that I couldn’t live with her, so I sent her away with my husband. I am not sure how Timber knew this, but from that day forward she was well behaved and not the alpha female, and we kept her from then on. She grew to be a part of my heart, and now that she is gone I feel a vacancy that persists. Our house is cleaner without a dog, but I really miss the long walks, especially in the snow!!
I really want 2 elkhounds, but am willing to settle for one.
All I can tell you is I love and miss my Timber… she is always a deep, deep part of my heart.
Candy Thomas

February 28, 1996 - March 9, 2009
A long, long time ago I was searching for a boy puppy. I had been watching conformation at local shows and soon began to get active with GCNEC. I had contacted some breeders, but no one was having litters due to the National coming soon. While at the Milwaukee National, I ran into Janet Maier (Polestar). She said not to worry, she'd help me find my boy. Little did I know how soon that would be.
About 20 minutes later a Thundering Knock came on our hotel room door. My ex-husband answered it, and Janet just about bowled him over. She shouted, "I found your puppy. You can pick him out. LET'S GO". So down the hall we went. She knocked on the end door and there was Kathy Ellis (Valimar) and Vicki Zumwalt (Royal Crown) with lots of elkies and a litter of 8 puppies. Vicki and Kathy let me evaluate each of the boys. I kept being drawn to one boy in particular. He became Riser and came home at the end of the National as a 5 1/2 week old puppy. So started our journey.

As a puppy, he took a liking to vegetables. By 6 months of age he was raiding our garden for tomatoes. Red ones, green ones--it really didn't matter. By 8 months old, he discovered windfall apples. From then on, he would look forward to garden season for tomatoes and then Fall for his apples. When we came to Michigan, he taught the younger dogs how to pick tomatoes and to walk around the plants without hurting them. There was nothing funnier than watching Riser give Hildr a tomato, who would take it over to Tryllerine, then Hildr would go back to Riser for hers. We'd have 3 dogs lying in the back yard eating tomatoes.

After Tryllerine died, Riser taught the youngsters about tomatoes. Nothing like having multiple dogs in your small garden while you are trying to weed. And yes, it's pretty rare that dogs like tomatoes, but we have them. As long as we have tomato-eating Elkhounds, Riser's spirit is still alive.

I have a huge hole in my heart from my Ri-Ri's departure. I deeply miss him, but the stories I can tell give me some comfort.

Betsy Brown
JewelStar Norwegian Elkhounds

May 14th 1994 - June 5th 2009
Macy came to me as a foster back in July of 2000 at six years old. My intention was to care for her for a while as I looked for a puppy, but Macy instantly became my shadow and remained my shadow to the very end. There could be five people in the room, but, if I walked in, it was like a magnet and she was on my heels, looking up at me with those baby browns saying, "Hi Dad!" No one else could get her attention as long as I was around. A possible owner was interested in taking Macy, and once I was contacted about giving her up I said, "No way!" and I kept her. I amglad I did!
The things I will miss most: Those baby browns, giving her kisses on the nose, that curly wagging tail, pulling out those tufts of hair we all can't help but to snatch when we see them and let them fly like dandelion spores or collect into tumbleweeds that blow acrosss the floor, chin scratches (her favorite), her snorting like a pig, her following me upstairs at bedtime and curling up for the night, sharing pizza crust, rides in the car, me peeking out the blinds to check on her when she's on the porch, her peeking through the blinds when I leave and telling her, "See you later Maces!", her taut, excited body after coming in from a pee pee and expecting a cookie every time whether she pee pee'd or not (true Elkhound style!), seeing her everyday on my lunch break, her "sad face" at bath time and her snorting romp afterwards, my wife complaining about Macy's hot breath on her leg as we ate dinner, her silly way of lying with her hind legs shooting straight out the back, (anyone else's elkie do this? I love it! so cute!) our late night walks around the lake when it's just me and her and the quiet, and the thing I will miss most of all . . .having an elkhound.
Goodbye my "little Maces faces" I love you with all my heart! Wait for me at the bridge, and I will meet with you again.
Jason, Jennifer, Patches and Mini-Bear
West Palm Beach, Florida

June 24, 2006- April 2, 2009
Our beloved Blade lived with us such a short time. He will always be a part of my heart. Blade was my spoiled beautiful boy. I knew that I would lose him young because of his kidney disease. But he gave our family such great joy, and I so miss him.
Brenda Parry


Jan 20, 1995-Feb 27,2009
Adric was my heart-dog, a wonderful companion in the house and on the hiking trail. He adored agility, positively lighting up when training. Whenever I mis-directed him, he would growl and do whatever he knew was right. Although we never got any high awards in the sport, he "read my mind" and would do the correct thing. No finer canine lived in my opinion.
Last May, he got very ill, pancreatis due to liver cancer. He recovered to some extent, regaining weight and looking pretty good. Then he had his last adventure of disappearing in TN for 4 days in early January, to be gratefully recovered. He never returned to his old self afterward, making a slow but steady decline.
It is with great sorrow in our hearts, and tears in our eyes, we released his spirit from this earth on Feb 27. He was an outstanding dog in our hearts, we will take a while to heal from this loss. He is joining his housemate, Leela, brother Brottsjo and mom Brenne and dad Vinsja. Enjoy the view, bestest boy, we will look for you.
Lissa Jackson

March 2, 1995 - November 19, 2008
She asked only for food, and a human touch and she gave love and adoration a thousandfold in return. My dear, dear Quali (Ch Kestos Quickstep) was her breeder, Barbara Stokes’, dog of a lifetime. Winner of the Hound Group at Crufts in her youth and mother of three beautiful litters, she lives on in her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all of whom inherited herincredible temperament, her wonderful dark gentle eyes and her love for all people.
To my constant amazement and everlasting gratitude, Quali was entrusted to us in her retirement when she was 6 ½ years old as a companion for Poppy and never did two dogs so quickly become inseparable.
She always believed she was born to be a lap dog. Everyone loved her and she would let no one pass without putting out a paw and pulling them towards her for a chest rub. My son William became her newest puppy to nurture, wash and watch over.
When I became ill and bedridden, she had to be literally dragged away from my side to go outside and made the most incredible nurse,always finding the exact spot that hurt and licking it better. She had an incredible ability to find sores, illness or disease. She suffered stoically from chronic pancreatitis for about 5 years but never once complained when the attacks hit. My vet adored her; the only dog whose teeth she would scale without anaesthetic and the only one that went to sleep in the surgery, laid belly up between my knees.
It seems cruel that having overcome the pancreas attacks, and getting a new lease of life with her playful greatgranddaughter,she should be taken so quickly by a totally different disease. The abscess on her chest actually hid a mast cell tumour. She went as she lived, with a delicate lick of the arms that held her and a soft sigh.
Diana Hudson

Age: 15/1/2
Born June 15, 1993 Died February 2, 2009.
We lost our wonderful and beautiful Elkhound "Dutch" on February 2nd 2009. Since Dutch came into our lives in September 1993 as a young pup he brought us much happiness and fulfillment. He was truly one of the smartest and most clever dogs anyone in our family had ever met. He exhibited more human than canine traits and this is why he quickly became a member of our family. Although he was an outside dog his manners, while indoors, were always exceptional. Dutch got to travel to the beach a few times during his elder year and he held up like a champ. We also taught him to "talk" when he was around 6. Whenever he wanted a treat from us he always had to talk first and rarely disappointed. Dutch was truly the pride of our family and someone we loved very very much. Whether it be him coming and spending time with the guys of the family in the basement watching TV or wrapped in his favorite blanket on the porch, Dutch always had a positive impact on all of our lives. Dutch had a long and happy life and there will never be another like him. We will truly miss this wonderful and magnificent man.
The Ellis Family.

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