For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

May 11, 1985 - February 1, 2000
Tom & Carol Slattery

LADY GREY'S MEMORIAL * * * * January 31, 2000

Seacrest's Gray Rose
June 17, 1989 - September 16, 1999
Rosie has a page of her own for her touching story.

4/21/85 to 11/21/99

Toby had a good long life. He was a really special dog. He was sensible and responsible and our patriarch until the end when he turned the reins over to his great grandson, Skip. He lives on through his children, grand and great grand children. Most of all, he was a wise and faithful friend The crop that produced Mike, Toby, Lefty (who isn't gone yet!) and some of the other fine dogs of the breed must have been influenced by providence or sun spots. They don't make that kind too often. ~~~~~~Karen Elvin

(Ch. Ellyka's Rolling Stone x Ch. Ellyka's Homespun)

He passed away 11/1/99 a.m. He would have been sixteen at the end of the month. We are incredibly sad. Unlike many of the others, Flint maintained his quality of life--his essential elkhoundness--until the very end. A real "guy" dog, Flint was an amazing soccer player and beer drinker. No can, bottle, or glass of beer was safe when he was around. When nobody was looking, Flint would knock it over with his nose or paw and lap it all up before anybody even noticed. In his time, he was a wonderful showdog, but his pastime of chewing on rocks ended his show career. Flint lived life according to his rules, and one of his rules was to make us obey his. We were very proud to have been owned by him.~~~ Ned & Toni Welkes



"BRODIE" - 1990 to April 17 1999

Brodie, just a perfect friend. Wish we could have known each other for longer than one year out of your nine years but I believe your last year with us was your best. I have wonderful memories of you on our walks in the woods and the park, where you could run around free but would stay close, or when you went out on the frozen pond. We were not sure the ice would hold you, that gave us a fright. Then you went for a swim in the cold river water, which did not bother you at all. You would never leave the area around the house, except when we would get the paper or take a walk. I remember the last day in the doctors office, how you were leaning against my leg and I knew you were in pain with the cancer, but you did not really show it, what courage you had. Now that I look back at the events, you knew what was happening but I did not. I am very proud to have had you as a friend and companion and we all miss you very much. ~~~~~ We will meet again Dutch Muetz and family


"BIRKA" (1998)

In fond memory of a very dear friend. Liondyke Birka of Barlestone who came into our lives at four years of age and then was snatched away so suddenly two years later. In that short time our lives were enriched by her presence and she will always be remembered. Rest in Peace. Malcolm, Enid & Questa.


"POLLY" (February 17, 1984-May 3, 1998)

Polly was a German Shepherd mix who came to us from a neglectful home in May of 1984. She never quite recovered from that early neglect, being timid and shy throughout her life. We did some obedience work with her, but the forays out into public were so stressful for her, we didn’t pursue any titles. She did, however,serve as a paid model for a pharmaceutical magazine ad. The ad is framed and hanging on our doggie "Wall of Fame."We lost Polly after a short but painful battle with cancer in May of 1998. After all those years of dealing with her shyness and timidity, she faced her final battle with great courage. She’s sorely missed by all who knew her. Our home will never be the same without our "Flash." She’s resting with God now on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge,waiting for us to meet her someday. Polly, dearly loved and sadly missed by Ed and Donna Jagodzinski. Polly's Web Page

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