These are the pictures from the 2003 Halloween contest. You can get to the information about them by clicking on their names, or if you want to access the profiles page, just click on Results
The pictures just seem to get better every year.

Halloween 2003

Batman Tennis

1.Batman's Archenemy, The Joker

2. Serena and Venus Williams

Imitations Barkinator

3. I Told You Not To Wear Those Cheap Imitations

4.The Barkinator

Two Party

5. Two Witches

6. But the party is this way!

Pizza Dirty

7. Pizza Mutts- Waiting for the Pizza Man

8. Dirty Laundry

Gotcha Well

9. Gotcha

10.Well Read Elkhound

Yeah Hairy

11.Yeah Baby

12. Hairy Potter

No In

13. I hope nobody has a camera

14. In Stereo, Where Available

Riding Used

15. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Woof

16. Used Car Salesdog

Elton Easter

17. Elton John

18. Easter Bunny

Elkie WereWoof

19. An Elkhound Kiss

20. WereWoof of London

Moosedog Cleopatra

21.The Three Moosedogteers

22. Cleopatra

Got Yo

23. Got Turkey?

24. Yo Ho Ho and a Can of Dog Food

Las Toy

25. Las Vegas Showgirl

26. Toy Story-Thar's a Snake in my Boot

Born Road

27. Born to be Wild

28. Road Kill

Mr. BlairWitch

29. Mr. Lincoln

30. Blair WitchIII-There's Moose All Around

Great Friend

31. The Great Pumpkin

32. Have You Met My Friend, Harvey?

Doin Sultan

33. Doin' Time

34. The Sultan of Turkey

Queen Bad

35. Queen of Scottish Highlands

36. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Moosehunter Born

37.Moosehunter-After the Kill

38. Born Wild II

Mom's Elkhound

39. Filling Mom's Shoes

40. This Elkhound Intentionally Left Blank

Devil See

41. Devil Dog

42. How We See Each Other

Snake Bewitching

43. Snake Charmer

44. Bewitching

Apologies Little

45. With Apologies to Mr. Karlof

46. This Little Piggie Had Roast Beef

Blue Roosevelt

47. Blue Angels Fan

48. President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Red Pretty

49. Red Hatter

50. Pretty in Pink

Wanna Biker

51. Wanna Ride My Scooter?

52. Biker Boy

Rub Sugar

53. Rub A Dub Dub

54. Sugar Plum Fairy

Anxiety Home

55. Anxiety Wrap

55. Home on the Range


57. The Baby

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