These are the pictures from the 2002 Halloween contest. You can get to the information about them by clicking on their names, or if you want to access the profiles page, just click on Results
There are some great pictures again this year.

Halloween 2002

please Frakendog

1.Please, Mommy, one more story


Victor Hulkamania

3.Victor Borge Wannabee


Dig Another

5.We'll dig right here.

6.Beanie baby

Altar Need

7. Stood up at the Altar

8. Need a Hand?

Take Puppy

9. Cleared for takeoff

10. Great Puppy Pumpkin

Milkbones Chiefs

11.Take two milkbones and call

12.Big Chief, Little Chief

Born Abba

13.Born in the USA Man


Butch ET

15.Butch & Sundance

16.Scene from ET

Singing WereWoof

17.Singing in the Rain

18. Werewoof

Doggie Girls

19.Doggie Bag

20.Jailhouse Blues

Granny Tiger

21. Granny

22.Crouching Tiger, Hidden Elkhound

Camera Cap'n

23.Camera shy

24. Cap'n Greybeard

Love Pumpkin Picnic

25.I just love pumpkin

26.No, No, don't cancel the picnic

Vikings Rescue

27.Little Vikings

28.Elkhound Rescue

Naptime GoodYear

29.Is naptime over yet?


Huskerfan Miss

31. Huskerfan

32.Miss September

It Should Yo Ho Ho

33. It Should Appear Right Now

34. Yo Ho Ho

Peg Leg Socerer

35. Peg Leg Pete

36. The Socerer's Apprentice

Reggae Grace Quittin'

37.Reggae Grace

38. Is It Quittin' Time?

Deadhead Patriotic

39. Deadhead

40.Patriotic Pup


41.Mom's Answering Service



43. Bone Collector

44.Can I get HBO with this thing?

Clint Albark

45. Clint Eastwoof

46.Albark Einstein

Help Hula Girls

47.May I Help You?

48. Hula Girls


49. Ready for the next Harry Potter

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