These are the pictures from the 2001 Halloween contest. You can get to the information about them by clicking on their names, or if you want to access the profiles page, just click on Results
Again the pictures are great, with 44 entries.

Halloween 2001

Bowling Party

Bowling Buddies

Rough New Year's Party

Skipper Cutest

The Skipper

Cutest Reindeer

Saw Moose Little

I saw a Moose go in here.

Little Boy

Gilligan Viking


Viking Dog

Babe Astrodog

Bay Watch Babe


Lil Moose

I'll always be Mama's Little Angel

Moose in sheep's clothing

Suave Grad

Suave Ladies Man

The Graduate

July My

Still Standing Proud

Rhapsody in Blue

Clown 4th

16.Just Clowning Around

17.Three Cheers for Red,White & Blue

Queen Girls

18.Queen Bee

19.Girls just wanna have fun

Wrinkle Cream Granma

20. Is My wrinkle cream working?

20.What big teeth you have, Granma

no camera Party

21.Thank goodness, no one has a camera

22.Life of the Party

Mr Wilson Big Deer

22.Wilson from Tool Time

23.Is this what a moosedog looks like?

Sailor Man Weekend

23.Sailor Man

24.Getting a jump on the weekend

Yuppie Not Wear

22.Yuppie Puppy - Happy Hunter

23.Not going to wear stupid costume!

Ginger Grinch

25.Ginger, the movie star

25. Where is the grinch?

Ghoul Rogaine

25.Happy German Ghoul

25.Is my rogaine working?

Witch Devil Dreaming

25.I'll get you my pretty.

25.Dreaming of Hawaii

Al Princess

25.Al and assistant from Tool Time

25.Princess and Court Jester

Princess Jester

25.The reluctant Princess

25.The Court Jester

Gent Black Cat

25.Scottish Gentleman

25.All I know is I barked at this witch

Red Devil Jester


25.To this baby, I'm the court jester

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